🎁 Bubble Gum Simulator Giveaway PENGUINS SHINY MARSHMALLOWS & MYSTERY PETS Roblox 2019

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This LIVE Bubble Gum Simulator GIveaway stream is gonna be lit! Patriot Penguins, Shiny Marshmallows, UBER RARE pet grand prizes and more!

🎁 Bubble Gum Simulator Giveaway PENGUINS, SHINY MARSHMALLOWS & MYSTERY PETS (Roblox 2019)

✅Zfuel commands are active. Read the description below for more details.✅

💜Hang out in the stream to gain 1 can of Z-fuel for EVERY MINUTE you’re in the stream. 💜
➡️Points carry over to future streams!⬅️
⬇️Here are the OTHER ways to earn Z-Fuel to spend in chat.⬇️
🥫Subscribe – earn 25 cans immediately
🥫Membership – 300 cans
🥫$1 USD in Superchat – 80 cans per $1
🥫$1 USD donation through Streamlabs – 100 cans per $1

The Zfuel commands are ACTIVE now! This feature is still in BETA, is not guaranteed, and is subject to change.

💜Type !zfuel in chat to see your total cans. (This command has a 15-second global cooldown)💜
⬇️COMMAND LIST⬇️ (Note, using the commands will SPEND your cans on perks)
🥫!discordhype – cost 200 cans – A link to the ZenZone discord! Tell me your FULL discord name!
🥫!tinypet – cost 600 cans – Legendary (current pet – Shiny Patriotic Octopus)
🥫!trivia – cost 600 cans – Activate a Trivia Round after the next giveaway
🥫 !midpet – cost 1200 cans – Legendary (Pixie & Patriotic Marshmallow)
🥫 !shoutout – cost 1400 cans – We’ll shoutout your channel, visit, and subscribe
🥫!friendme – cost 2000 cans – Main account friends list
🥫!raidme – 2500 cans – We’ll raid your channel at the end of the stream and spam your chat
🥫!bigpet – 3600 cans – Top Tier Legendary (current pet – Queen Overlord)
🥫!collab – 5000 cans – Let’s collaborate on a video together and post it on the channel!
🥫!uberpet – 15000 cans – Highest Tier Legendary (current pet – Evil Shock)
🥫!secretpet – 25000 cans – Secret Pet Tier Legendary (current pet –
🥫!reveal – 500000 cans – Hair Reveal

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