GET UNLIMITED MONEY with a ROBLOX Adopt Me Money Tree Farm

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You guys totally need a ROBLOX Adopt Me Money Tree Farm. It’s the quickest way to get unlimited free money in Adopt Me and the bigger your farm the more STUFF you can buy. 🙂
I totally think this is a ROBLOX Adopt Me Money Tree Glitch, because the developers haven’t thought to cap the amount of money trees you can own.

And you get $10 every 5 minutes per tree. So you’ll never have to look after those demanding babies ever again 😀

My Money Tree Tip is to place them on high the walls so you free up your floor space for all the things you can buy with all that money. 😛

Oh and you can totally gift up to $1000 bucks to friends per day, so you don’t all need to setup a money tree farm.

So how many Adopt Me Money Tree’s do you own?

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Roblox Online Hack Tool (FREE!)