HOW TO HACK DIAMONDS Roblox Murder Mystery 2

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Aye, a diamond hack

Credits to : NightgaladeId
for showing this awesome hack!

Here are the downloads :

Nopde Engine 6.4:

1. Join Murder Mystery 2 via Store (If you have Windows 10) or via Chroma (If you have Windows 7)
2. Open Nopde Engine 6.4
3. Value type (Double) Scan Type (Value between…)
4. Search 2500 in both boxes
5. Do CTRL+A and select all of them hit that red marker below
6. Do CTRL+A again and double click on one value
7. Change it to -9999999999
8. Works fine awesome Murder Mystery 2 hack!

I do not own any of these songs, all rights go to the real owner.

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WORKING as of 14-11-2016!

—————–Updated 14-11-2016——————

Download –

Passwrod – 333 (You will need it while extracting)

1. Go into a Roblox Game of your choice.
2. Launch the RC7_UPDATED.EXE (Provided in download)
3. Launch crack.exe
4. Press Enter.
5. That’s it!

Please note –

Few anti virus may flag it as virus because it is a cracked tool, do not worry that is just a over reaction.

Have fun! and do not over use someone might report you.

Its pretty safe hack, getting banned chance is almost NIL.

Roblox Online Hack Tool (FREE!)