How To Join & Leave Groups on Roblox

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Easy to follow tutorial on joining Roblox groups! I’ll also show you how you can leave any Roblox groups you are in! Learn how to use groups on Roblox now!

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– Launch roblox or head to in a web browser and login to your account.

– When you are signed in, click the menu hamburger icon from the top left of the screen.

– Select ‘groups’ from the menu.

– Here on the groups page you can explore the different groups that exist on Roblox. You can browse through different categories to find groups that suit you.

– You can also use the search bar to search for groups.

– Click on a group to get more information.

– You can join groups by simply clicking the ‘join group’ button. If the group is public you will become a member immediately but if the group is private your membership will be pending until an admin accepts you.

– You can see a list of all your joined groups from the left sidebar when you visit the groups page.

– To leave a group, just visit the page of the group and then hit the 3 dots button here beside the group name, from here tap ‘leave group’.

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