ROBLOX Notoriety EP1 – R&B Bank Stealth

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ROBLOX Notoriety EP1 - R&B Bank Stealth

Today we will be doing stealth on notoriety with my friend arbiboss!
Go sub to him!

play this ROBLOX game at:

Hey arbi!

ROBLOX Notoriety Elite Group Challenge: #1

Oh God Thank you Camtasta For your STUPID WATERMARK! (Due too this I may use Windows Movie Maker Now…) In this Challenge Playlist I’ll be doing Challenges from Brick_man’s Group Notoriety Elite on ROBLOX. This Challenge is to Complete Shadow Raid Stealthly with a 50+ Detection Rating but I’m doing this in the Death Wish Difficulty!

Play the Game Here:

Join the Elite Group here:

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Thank you breeplayx3 for me useing her laptop for editing!
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