Roblox Swordburst 2 Attack Speed Cheat for Windows and Mac (Floor 9; 6/5/2018 Update)

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Check Cashed v3:

351719542 – after over-the-shoulder rapier swing
350670966 – after narrow side-to-side rapier swing
351195254 – after wide side-to-side rapier swing

1) Look at the swing entries above.
2) Run Check Cashed and join the swordburst 2 Roblox game.
3) In the game, equip a rapier and swing until you have swung a gesture that starts over your left shoulder.
4) Look at the above entry that says “after over the left shoulder swing” and copy/paste that value into Check Cashed and search for it as a 32-bit (4-byte) integer.
5) Swing again. Search for the next listed entry value above. Repeat this step until you have one entry in the search results. The value will cycle between the three values recorded above, one value change after each swing.
6) Add the single entry to the results list by clicking the diagonal red arrow or double-clicking the result. Right-click on the entry and browse that memory region. A memory window will display.
7) In the memory window, scroll up a few lines. About 48 bytes before that address, you will see some entries that flash red (changing values) each time you swing the sword in Roblox. If it’s not a few lines up, it may be a few lines down instead.
8) Add the two 4-byte values that have part of their bytes flashing red at each sword swing by right-clicking on each value and adding it as a 4-byte entry to the address list.
9) Go back into Roblox and swing until just before the over-the-shoulder swing occurs. Select the three values and click their checkboxes or press spacebar to activate them. Then play with your auto-clicker using somewhere between 145-150ms click intervals or click manually to swing quickly.



first, get the sword swing index using these values:

sword swing index
after swing 1 (after the rapier’s over-the-left-shoulder swing): 1161536060
after swing 2: 1160487484
after swing 3: 1159963196

They are 32-bit integers. Swing until you have swung the rapier sword with a gesture that starts over the left shoulder. Then search for the first value: 1161536060. Then swing once more and search for the next value: 1160487484. You should have one result. If there is more than one result, swing again and search for the third value listed above: 1159963196.

Once you have that entry, you can uncheck “active” next to it and right-click the entry and choose “Show in Memory Viewer”.

The entry’s four bytes will be selected in the memory viewer window. Select 0x90 bytes (144 bytes) before those four bytes and add two 32-bit integers from there as demonstrated in the video. The two 32-bit integers can be identified because they change when you swing the sword in the game.

After the two 4-byte integers are added, check “active” for all three entries and select them all and right-click and choose “Freeze Variables”. If you want to change to a different sword swing, unfreeze the variables, swing until just before the swing gesture you want to use, then freeze the variables again.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018 update:

Mac search values, if previous did not work:
after rapier over-the-left-shoulder swing: unsigned 3747827962
after second swing: unsigned 3748876538
after third swing: unsigned 3749400826

Windows search values, if previous did not work:
after rapier over-the-left-shoulder swing: 2932810171
after second swing: 2933858747
after third swing: 2933334459

Approach change for Mac (Also for Windows if necessary):
If you do not see changing values at 0x90 bytes in memory before the swing ID result, do the following:

1) If the result’s address is, for example, 0x7FEE65F40C5C, then the two other entries would be near to that address, for example, 0x7FEE65F43938.

2) Click the gear icon on the bottom left of the Bit Slicer window and enter the proximity of the address of the first entry, like so:

On Mac:
0x7FEE65F40C5C would be the entry’s address in this example.
0x7FEE65F30000 would be “beginning address”.
0x7FEE65F50000 would be “ending address”.
Note how we give a beginning and ending address that encompasses the entry’s address. This merely helps to limit the quantity of returned search results to narrow them closer to what we are trying to find.

On Windows, the addresses might be much lower, like 0x10D4F328.

3) Search for unknown values that change with each swing: store all values, swing sword, search for changed values, store all values, swing sword, search for changed values, repeat, until you have the two entries that you should add to the list and freeze along with the first entry. If a lot of values keep changing, then also store all values, do not swing the sword, and search for unchanged values. Do this process until you have the two entries whose number values change only when you swing the sword.
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