Is Aimbot Illegal?

Gaming hacks are a common trend on the web. There are thousands of hacks that you can download to your computer to gain unauthorised access to online games, other features, and sometimes the ability to play offline. A lot of game designers and sites have had to close their websites or remove hacks from their databases to protect their investment and the security of their games. However, some are claiming that hacking is legal under certain circumstances. Does Aimbot violate the law?

Many of the “hacks” being linked to aimbot are actually simply malware pieces. Malware behaves like a virus that is, it can take over your computer without your permission and changes specific system settings to steal your private information and destroy your computer. This has not always been the case , however, and in the past some gaming cheats were created that were pure malware. Problems arise when hackers creates software that mimics legitimate Aimbot software. This could be then employed by third-party companies to gain unfair advantages over players of the game in question.

What does this have to do with the legal issue? Software developers who release software that allows players to cheat in games must ensure that the application conforms to all legal requirements. In recent years hackers are becoming more widespread thanks to quantum computing techniques used by programmers. The concept behind quantum computing is that once a computer system finds an opportunity to break into the code it is called an “quantum algorithm”.

The creators of Aimbot used quantum computing principles to render the Aimbot software inaccessible to the majority of antivirus programs. This was achieved by creating an “image,” or virtual footprint, of the program. When you install the Aimbot video game on the computer system it will replace itself with thousands of virtual bots all connected to a single server. The bots will perform random actions, meaning hackers and other would be game hackers won’t be able to identify the Aimbot game.

The legal question isn’t always straightforward. There is a chance that hackers could find methods to infect consoles for video games with homebrew software in the near future. However the legal issues in play right now make it difficult for courts to stop people from installing hacks to video games. One solution could be found where third-party companies take on the responsibility of creating the homebrew programs that users install.

One possibility is for companies to build an online database of legitimate downloads for the Nintendo DS. Once the downloads have been confirmed, they can then offer them to consumers. In addition to offering an opportunity for consumers to legally download these classic games for the Nintendo DS it also offers users the chance to download free games for their portable handheld gaming device. Instead of paying high prices to download Wii Games, users can download them for free of charge using homebrew software. The company also has the added benefit of not needing to pay copyright companies to allow users to play Nintendo DS retro gaming.

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